Fast, Fair & Simple Process

Common Concern #1

"I want a car expert who has my intrests in mind & isn't just 
telling me what I want to hear..."


Non-Commission Sales Staff

The sales consultant's job is to find the least expensive vehicle that best fits your needs! Not to find the vehicle to make the most money on.

Since our sales consultants are paid on volume and customer satisfaction, their only focus is on helping you find the best vehicle with your specific needs in mind.

  • You set the parameters! We work to find the best vehicle based on your terms.
  • We do the hunting, so you don't have to!
  • We provide non-bias options, so you can make the best decision for yourself
  • Royal saves you time and provides options

It can be frustrating trying to constantly search the internet to find the right car. Royal is one-stop shopping and we can help you find any type of vehicle. We also have a great track record of helping people with bad credit get approved for a loan!

Common Concern #2

"I'm afraid I will make the wrong decision..."


72 hour buy back guarantee72-Hour Buy Back Guarantee
Love it, or bring it back. No questions asked! Any reason or no reason at all, it's that simple! We are so confident in our vehicles and our informative sales process that if you decide you have made the wrong decision, just bring the vehicle back and we can help find you a different one that better suits your needs, style and/or budget. We want you to be comfortable with your decision.

*72 hours begins at 8pm of the date the vehicle was purchased. Customer is responsible for any excess wear or mileage put on the vehicle. See dealer for complete details.

Common Concern #3

"I want a FAIR PRICE that is clearly displayed & I don't want to waste time haggling out the price..."


Clearly Posted, Highly Competitive Low Prices
Royal's highly competitive prices are posted for guests & competitors to see 24/7:

•  Our hassle free price is NOT a sales or special event, but how we do business
•  We research the competition daily and adjust our prices accordingly
•  We have NOTHING TO HIDE! We can show market research about how our inventory stacks up against the

Our price is determined by several factors including daily shopping of our competition to ensure the customers are getting a low, highly competitive, FAIR price.

We price our cars ?NOT our customers. This means that you will always see a competitive, pre-discounted price on every one of our vehicles. It may sound strange to some, but there are still dealerships out there that

intentionally don't put a price on their vehicles because they will adjust the price based on how good (or bad) of a negotiator they think you are. Royal does not do that but instead offers everyone the same pre-discounted price. Prices are based on supply and demand, plus the age of inventory. This is just like anything else people buy.

Common Concern #4

"I want the most money for my trade whether I buy from Royal or not..."


Fair Offer To Purchase Trade

We'll buy yours even if you don't buy from us. Our offer is based on what people just like you are actually paying for vehicles like yours right now.

CAUTION: When a dealership offers you an unrealistically high trade allowance for your old vehicle, they are probably making up the difference some where else in the transaction (typically inflating the cost of the vehicle you plan on buying). Royal treats customers differently because we offer everyone a detailed report on what the market value is for your trade-in and this amount will not change whether you decide to buy from us or not.

How many other dealerships will offer you this much clarity?

Royal uses several standard industry tools to research the market and determine a fair price for your trade-in. We then give you a written offer to purchase your vehicle that is good for seven days or 300 miles. No pressure & no inflated trade-in games to make you think you are getting a better deal than you really are.

Common Concern #5

"Can I get an 'out the door' price quickly and without all the smoke and mirrors..."


rate term percentage financing options button
Simple & Clear Financing Options

Customers DON'T want "fuzzy" or confusing math, so Royal decided to do something about it! You don't need to spend an entire afternoon trying to get an "out the door" quote, nor do you need an economics degree to decipher the quote you get from Royal. We have developed an incredibly simple computer print-out that can be generated in minutes to tell you what you will be paying for a vehicle.

In addition to the cash option, we also give you nine different payment options if you decide you would prefer to finance the vehicle. You will also get to accompany the estimator while he reviews your vehicle!

Since Royal Automotive has long standing relationships with most major lenders (including credit unions and banks), we can quickly identify where you will get the best finance rate for your loan. Royal is committed to educating you because informed customers are more likely to be repeat customers.

Common Concern #6

  "What if my car's engine stops working months or even years down the road?!"


rate term percentage financing options button
Lifetime Powertrain Warranty at NO COST

The #1 concern that people have when buying a pre-owned vehicle is fear of the unknown.
  • Will the engine stop working?
  • Is the transmission bad?
  • Will there be unknown and costly repairs if a problem does come up?
The Royal Automotive Group recognized this concern and decided to do something about it! In addition to the rigorous standards that we uphold for any vehicle we decide to sell, we wanted to take it a step further and offer added peace of mind to our buyers. Warranty Forever is only one of the many Royal Advantages that set us apart from the rest. When purchasing a vehicle from Royal Pre-Owned on Speedway, you get piece of mind - FREE! All qualifying vehicles purchased at this location come with a Warranty Forever!  CLICK HERE to read more!



 Every Royal Certified Pre-Owned vehicle come with a limited warranty. Coverage varies by specific vehicle. Each vehicle is clearly marked with coverage levels. Please see sales manager or sales consultant for complete details.

*Whichever comes first.

What does this include?
In the event of a mechanical breakdown of a covered part, we will make repairs or reimburse you for the cost of parts and labor to repair or replace a covered part (some exclusions apply, see dealer for complete documentation).

What does this not include?
An exhaustive list is available upon request. This short list serves as an incomplete summary of some of the exclusions of the limited warranty:

  • Clutch, glass, locks light bulbs, upholstery, paint or non-factory installed options.
  • Normal wear and tear caused by accidents, vandalism, falling objects or acts of God.
  • Anything covered by a manufacturer warranty
  • Any mechanical problems caused by misuse, abuse, negligence or improper maintenance  Correction of rattles/squeaks/wind noise/odors/water leaks.

Please refer to dealer for a comprehensive list

 Where can I learn about what is covered on my manufacturer warranty?
Land Rover 
Can I purchase an extended warranty after I buy?
Yes! There are literally dozens of different programs available at a range of prices. In order to find the best program to fit your situation, please contact a sales manager or finance representative at the dealership which you purchased your vehicle.

Click here for a list of our phone numbers.
Click here to email us.

There are also several other types of protection packages that may interest you. Please click here  to read more.