Where is Kia Made?

November 13th, 2018 by

Kia Plant West Point Georgia

Kia models come in all shapes, sizes, and uses. Their sleek designs, reliability, and affordability have all contributed to their rise in popularity. Still, as popular as they are, many drivers don’t know where Kia cars are produced. For those that have been wondering “Where is Kia made?” we have the answer for you!

What Country is Kia From?

The auto company originated in South Korea in 1973. When they first started, their main focus was creating automobiles for the Korean market. Kia is currently headquartered in Seoul.

Where are Kia Vehicles Made Now?

In addition to its headquarters in Seoul, Kia has been expanding its operations across North America and European markets. In 1994, Kia was introduced into the North American market. They currently have an assembly plant in West Point, Georgia and for the European market, also one in Zilina, Slovakia.

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